Studio te huur gezocht in Amsterdam door Dora

Dora Marbl


My name is Dora, and I am a 29 year old Norwegian citizen. I work as a full time graphic designer, as well as a freelance designer and illustrator next to that. The years ago I came to visit the country, and I fell so much in love with the culture and the people here that I never left, and decided to stay for good. I also learned the language slowly but surely, so mijn Nederlands is nu heel goed :)

Currently I am renting an apartment in Oslo, Norway, but I will move out as soon as I find an apartment to rent here. My current landlord requires only 1 month of notice, so I can take over a new apartment already in December, if possible.

I would like to add that I take very good care of my home, and I have always paid rent and all bills in time, and been a respectful and a quiet neighbour :)

If any references, documents or additional information is needed, I am open to provide you with it. Thanks for your time! :)


  • Huurprijs

    Tot € 950

  • Oppervlakte

    40 m2

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    21-11-2022 om 15:07